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Smells like Christmas

tumblr_mdqs7clZs21rltt5ao1_500I always felt like no matter what color we have, no matter what relegion we have(except for satanists, of course:))), no matter what music genre we’are listening to, no matter if we are rich or poor, when Santa’s magic surrounds all of the places for Christmas, we all feel even.We finally become equal.

I did not had a tight in family, like those perfect Hollywood families, but I surely can remember an episode with my mother tidying the Christmas tree along with my sister. I can still remember the golden pearls all over the tree, the sparkling red tinsels, my sister happily laughing, the pretty little glowing candles all over the room and the window showing the perfect snowy background.

I cannot imagine a world without Christmas, without presents, without carols, without joy, without this Christmas happiness.Everyone seems to be happy. Everyone seems to believe that Santa Claus exists, everyone seems to have faith for Christmas that everything is going to be alright no matter what! In my opinion, there is nothing to change about Christmas.There is still hope for everyone. Everybody is going to get it’s present sooner or later. Because Santa and the leprechauns exist.And because for Christmas, we all can believe and have faith!