Plus Size Models

Skinny versus Curvy has been always a matter of argue.

Even though any girl on this planet wants to be “model like look” not many of us has size 0 which leads us to “drakonic” diets, starving, frustration, depression, anorexia or bulimic disorders. No one should be called brave for not following these so called standards because no one has enough arguments to proove that this is the rule of being sexy.

Take for example beautiful armenian socialite Kim Kardashian who by appearing on T.V. and by getting famous, entailed a new standard of beauty by being curvy but not fat, by being sexy but not vulgar. 

Comparing Kim with Kate Moss i would say that Kate should never be called “sexy”, even though she is now, one of the best paid top- models of the world.

Kate got famous back in the 90′ by signing a contract with Christian Dior and by becoming one of his beloved muse.Being compared with her younger catwalk colleague Giselle Bundchen, she has been left behind by this gorgeous “Victoria’s Secret ” top- model who, later became the world’s best paid supermodel. Comparing these facts, we can see the increase of fashion standards that changed it’s rules from “super skinny, size 0” to “super sexy, size 0  is now size 2”.

Gourgeos models like Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, tara Lynn,Tyra Banks, Kimmy Kardashian  set up new rules, new standards, new oportunities for those who are “fluffier” by having more than size 0.

All of us should get rid of frustrations, get rid of being scale- slave and embrace the sentence “I am sexy, curvy and I love it!”.




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Embrace your beauty!


One thought on “Plus Size Models

  1. Every woman should be happy with her natural shape the way it is when she just eats healthy, snacks occasionally and excersizes enough. Every woman is beautiful the way she is. Embrace your curves!

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