The chance to a new life

I am extremely sick.l got flu.A simple virus but that’s not the point.The point is that i realized few consequences of the facts I did some time ago.Something like 2 years ago.Took drugs to a party, felt good, I paused, I wanted to be cool, I searched danger and I took a fucking deep trip in this shit and finally I committed social suicide: quit school,  quit fighting, quit living.
I got a infection of the liver which agravates me every little flu or headache or anything I have, i quit drugs (kinda) and I found myself into a completely new situation like me quitting myself.Splitting and selecting my memories, my character and finally my everything.on.I wonder one thing: How come, the person I ran of, which is my mother always was there, knowing and crying in the back of my destruction and when I finally woke up, she waited me after all I had done.I’m still shocked.Dunno why.But I know it!
If  u could simply understand me, I would be fucking happy.I really need good advices and bit of “virtual” support.
If u wanna get a shot of what I mean, watch the clip I posted above and write me something.Even if ur comment is something like “kjhbskdjbdsag”, I am happy that some thought of  it.I really wanna start it over. I really need it!

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