Women or Lady?!

“A lady is a woman who makes it easy and enjoyable for a man to be a gentleman” someone said.

“A Lady is a woman, but a woman isn’t always a lady.”

“It was a rainy afternoon.I was standing with my head on his chest, listening to his fast`beating heart.I was tickling his soft skin, I was playing with his everything.

We lightened a cigarette, we started smoking while a small conversation started .Kind of a coffee- talk.

I asked him how can he be so dual.Like now he is a big player, mocking around with any girl`s feelings, and in the next moment, if he wants to, he is the wisest man on earth.

He delicately smiled, he looked at me, he shrugged his shoulders and kissed my cheek.This was one of his secrets and I wasn`t good or wise or trustful enough to be able to find this out.

He asked me what do I think I am.I said I am a woman.He smiled again and shrugged his head like he already knew the answer.In my head was a total mess.I could not understand anymore what was happening.

“There are women and ladies.There is no middle way.If you ask me, you are a woman.It is not relevant to explain you why, you will have to discover this by yourself if you want to make a change inside.”

I had no reason to feel blue, he was totally right.There were too many reasonsĀ  proofing that I am just an ordinary woman no matter what my personal opinion about myself was.

So I took a look around me and I asked for help.I really wanna be a LADY, not an ordinary WOMAN because I have the right to shine , just like you do!”

Start building your self confidence!

Start doing those things that make you feel pretty and beautiful and confident and whatever makes u feel like a lady.

Be childish when it helps:

Be mysterious when all the spotlights are watching you:

Be feminine:

Be natural:


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