Friendship bracelet


Sitting comfortable and drinking my coffee in my fluffy chair remembered me of friendship.I had many “BEST FRIENDS” and all of them were really good friends but often, life separates us by giving us different roads to go on.And that`s when the crack happens.

Anyway, a best friend is a best friend forever in your heart.Memories are those who remember u that.Never forget ur best friend.

And because friendship is so important, why shouldn`t you make a symbol for it?


I know u love it.This is how it`s doable:


1: Cut four 18inch strands of embroidery floss(2colors/4colors)

2. Tie them together in a forward knot

3. Attach to clip board, tape or safety pin

4. seperate the colors

5. take the first 2 colors and make a “4”

6. make one foward knot and repeat with the color you started with on the left.

7. Take the color you started with and knot your 3rd string with a foward knot(2x)

8. repeat until you get to the last color

9. Start with the second color you used in step 5

10. repeat until you have gotten to your last color

11. now repeat steps 5-10 until you are satisfied with the length.

Or watch the vid–>

P.S.: I know some BFF`s are a pain in the ass but fuck them! Let them be a total B I A T C H, doesn`t mean they are better.However, you can always tell ur BFF what bothers you at her behavior and by discussing the issue, you`re not just getting closer one with each other but u are improving your relation and u are making it better and stronger.

U know u love me.

C ya!<3


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