Applying studs and rhinestones

Hei babes

As u know, studs and studded things are SO IN! right now.I found some studs on the internet after searching for a lloooong time.Dunno why they are`nt  into the craft stores but anyway, thank God I found a place where I can but studs in 4 dimensions.

Click on the link and buy `em all.

And if u don`t know how to apply studs on your whatever thing u want, just take a look:–>

All you need is the tool, a package of whatever studs you like, a scrap of wood to lay the clothing on and a small hammer. You lay the top half of the stud (the part you see) on the top of the fabric, line up the bottom half underneath and tap the tool with the hammer.

Or buy a Bedazzler machine from –>HERE and Bedazzle accessories from–> HERE

If you are from Romania, click–> HERE

Now apply studs and things on ur whatever and if you want to, send me the pictures with your creations and I will post them so that anybody can see your beautiful work.


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