Awkward but in:geek chic

Comic books

Taped glasses

Video games

Nerdy attitude.

4 different words leading to one thing:the amazing geek chic style.

If you wanna get the geek chic style, follow my lead.

The first step is always to bring out your nerdy side. Try to think of those cult movies and characters who popularized the style.

The only difference you’ll add to the look is confidence. Chic is all about attitude, you’ll dress like a geek, you won’t become one. Share your creative ideas with your ‘geeky’ friends to put together unique outfits.

Eyeglasses are undoubtedly signature accessories for an original geek chic style.

If you are a fan of skinnies, try to match them with a loose top to dress down the outfit with style. Opt for personalized and creative stuff, with funny messages or patterns and pictures. Fake the nerdy interests even though you’re not into computers or math. Use your creativity to make an impression.

Skirts are feminine and at the same time geekish if paired with knee high tights. Skim through the wide range of these in different colors, patterns and sizes. Pencil skirts were also basic elements of  preppy style as well as geek chic style.

Accessories are essential props to become a real geek. You can even create your own accessories or jazz up the old ones. Use your imagination to add a geek flair to your jewelry, belts, bags and even shoes.

Wear them to complete your outfit with confidence.


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