4 reasons to quit smoking

Well, I know that many of us love smoking even though we all well know that smoking doesn’t just harm our lungs but it harms our brain, our health and it shortens our lives.

That’s why, my dear friends, I decided to think of only 4 reasons to help you think twice before you light a new cigar.

1st of all.When you smoke it’s like you burn your money as in you take a banknote and set it on fire.It almost hurts your physical body burning money, right?!

2nd.You are wasting time.Why should u waste ur time smoking when you could do so many other things?Like fall in love with the one you like or sing or dance or just be happy with your self.

3rd.You die faster than you should.Life has it’s ups and downs but doesn’t it feel soooo great when you love and you are loved or when you are happy for God knows what reasons?

4th.You never get to fulfill your dreams if you die faster.You surely have dreams you’d like to fulfill, hopes or targets.

Life deserves to be lived.

I posted only 4 reasons.The rest of ’em should be your own reasons.Good luck quitting  smoking!


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