Smells like Christmas

tumblr_mdqs7clZs21rltt5ao1_500I always felt like no matter what color we have, no matter what relegion we have(except for satanists, of course:))), no matter what music genre we’are listening to, no matter if we are rich or poor, when Santa’s magic surrounds all of the places for Christmas, we all feel even.We finally become equal.

I did not had a tight in family, like those perfect Hollywood families, but I surely can remember an episode with my mother tidying the Christmas tree along with my sister. I can still remember the golden pearls all over the tree, the sparkling red tinsels, my sister happily laughing, the pretty little glowing candles all over the room and the window showing the perfect snowy background.

I cannot imagine a world without Christmas, without presents, without carols, without joy, without this Christmas happiness.Everyone seems to be happy. Everyone seems to believe that Santa Claus exists, everyone seems to have faith for Christmas that everything is going to be alright no matter what! In my opinion, there is nothing to change about Christmas.There is still hope for everyone. Everybody is going to get it’s present sooner or later. Because Santa and the leprechauns exist.And because for Christmas, we all can believe and have faith!


Make up tutorial

Autumn shadesImage

   1st step : cleaning your face with an astringent lotion in order to oust the grease

2 nd step : Now that we have a clean face, we can apply foundation

3 rd step : I recommend a shimmering powder on top of our foundation.

                                           Special tip: we MUST apply powder on our neck’s also, otherwise we might look like we have a mask on

4 th step : With our special blush brush, we gently apply a peachy blush on our cheeks.

                                          Special tip: NEVER exagerate with your blush because if you do that, you will only get a stupid-doll-look-alike look. And we surely do not want that!

                                                  Applying color


Using the color i circled, using this brush — >


I apply it startin’ with the inner corner of my eye all over my mobile eye lid and under my eyebrows. This is the main tip to enlighten the eye and also make it look bigger.

once we have done that we continue using the same brush but applyin’ this color all over my lid, excepting the area under my eyebrows—>


Good job, girls. Continue using the same brush but applying this kinda color from the half-to-end part of the eyelid, finishing with a fine wing. Apply multi layers of it , this color is the star of the make up —>


It seem to look alike, doesn’t it ?!

Using this type of brushImage

With this color Image

  Apply the color like this Image     from right to the left, the color must fade.

Special tip : Combine the lighter brown eyeshadow with the darker brown eyeshadow. No sharp lines must be seen!  The brown eyeshadows must be graduated tint.

Using the first brush under the mobile lid—> Apply from the inner corner of the eye to the half golden eyeshadow

  Under the mobile lid, apply from the half of the lid-to-the-end dark brown eyeshadow also.

Applying mascara

Super Special Tip : Image   I apply mascara (the best ever is RIMMEL LONDON–EXTRA SUPER LASH) in 1 layer, and with a mascara brush with no mascara on it I remove the profusion of the first layer.I repeat the process 3 times.

    Apply simple lip gloss and you got the look.


                                            Don’t forget to feel beautiful wearing it

Make up ideas

I just found this on youtube and I find it really helpfull for those who cannot afford a proffesional make up course or for those who just want to need inspiration.

My favourite beauty is “dope 211”


Second but still amazing: